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A village in a time wharp

It would be a crime to visit Montenegro & not visit Lake Skadar say the guide books.  We duly followed & ended up in a little house right over the lake!  A bird watchers paradise – largest bird sanctuary in Europe & apparently has 7 pairs of shaggy pelicans (but in May they nip over to Albania so we didn’t see them).  The lake is ethereal – 30km long 2/3 in Montenegro & 1/3 in Albania.

At night we had to shout to be heard over what we thought were ducks, but turned out to be frogs - they were definitely 'quacking'.

The Pelikan restaurant is a gem – quirky or what!  But apparently the ex-royalty eat there 

Continuing down the coast road

This hairpin bend in the mountains was over thin air!

Nest in hat on wall

Nesting birds have returned for the 5th year

The crazy Pelikan restaurant

Smoked carp from the lake followed the best fish soup in Montenegro.

The 'quacking' frogs kept us awake most of the night.

They had a little sleep but were at full throttle again by 4.30am

6am & rush hour on Lake Skadar