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...around the bend

The road up to Cetinje from old Kotor at the head of the fjord – not for the feint hearted – was it 32 or 42 hairpin bends? – we lost count!

In Europe there is no other country with so much variety in such a small area.  Montenegro has 30 km of coastline, the largest lake & the deepest canyon in Europe, fertile wine growing plains & imposing mountains.  Montenegro also has numerous cultural monuments and reportedly the second tallest women in the world.

Kotor - another town, another set of washing

Enjoying a midday snooooze

The old city walls - how did they build them up there?

The higher we went .....

..... the better the views got

Looking down on Kotor town

This old guy insisted he took our photo & that we bought some 'domestic' cheese & ham from him. The cheese & ham was better than the photo!

There is a raging waterfall somewhere in there...

Around Lovcen mountain