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Across the first border

Montenegro is a small republic (13,812km2), currently part of Serbia- Montenegro but striving for independence. 

In a nutshell: Yugoslav federation was formed after WWII as a communist group of 6 republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Serbia (including Vojvodina & Kosovo), Montenegro & Macedonia) dominated by Serbia led by Tito.  Tito died in 1980 & communism ended in 1989 following the fall of the Berlin wall. Slobodan Milosevic gained power & fiercely protected the idea of a Greater Serbia breeding with it ethnic hatred.  Gradually countries broke away from Serbian rule but not without a bitter 4 year war & atrocities on all sides.

At the border - disinfecting the cars to protect from bird flu

The country has a poor economy & rather an ex communist feel still around the towns outskirts

Referendum due 22nd May to break off from Serbia - the people voted YES

Driving up the Kotor fjord - looks like rain!

Pretty uncommercialised Perast


Islands looking out from Perast village

A happening bar in Kotor - trying to read the United score in cyrillic whilst sheltering from the rain

Medieval Kotor walled old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site

St Tripun's Cathedral