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From the embers of chaos

During the 4 year siege of the city 1991 – 1995, the suffering was unimaginable.  Our guides 3 children lived in one room for 3 years, ventures out for food supplies had to be preceded with information on where the snipers were that day, children playing in the street would be blown to bits, consciousness racked on how to divide a rarely obtained apple amongst the family, people queuing for water (a spring under the brewery kept the city going) grenaded. This was late 20th century Europe.

Such a waste

Muslim graves facing Mecca - click on photo for a very moving link

The last mosque on leaving the city before the 6 month journey to Mecca & the first one into the city for those who returned

We ate a nice meal at the Spite house - named due to it's owner refusing to tear it down. Rebuilt on the other side of the river

The National Library in the City Hall - phosphorus bombed during the siege - all archives destroyed

The First Mosque (Emperor Mosque)

This old guy popped any money he was given straight into his Fez

Amused us!

The spot where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated - the start of World War I - (click on this photo for a link)

Just a subtle plaque to commemorate it. If you didn't know you'd miss it

West meets East

The Turkish quarter - the streets lined with sweet shops, cafes and handicraft shops

In the Mosque

Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque