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Cavtat into Dubrovnik

Our first night we stayed 20 km down the coast from Dubrovnik in the pretty village of Cavtat (sounds like Savtat).  Being probably more touristy than most of the places we stayed & staying in a hotel, it cost us a little more but set us off on a gentle start (& was only 4 km from the airport).  Generally we stayed in small low key premises to try & experience the local culture.

Dubrovnik was held under seige in the 1990's war (mainly by reservist Montenegrins who were 'tricked' by Serbia). It was terribly damaged but has received significant funding & is largely restored. 

The old city (Strada Nova) is small, walled & medieval. One main street has many narrow streets leading off it.

A little less cloudy than Manchester

Hotel Cavtat situated on the harbour front

Views from our balcony

Across the bay to Dubrovnik

The boat out to Dubrovnik (about 50 mins gave us good views of pretty Cavtat)

The Racic family mausoleum (wealthy shipping family) designed by the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic in 1921.

The old harbour into Dubrovnik

Orlando's column

The main street (Stradum or Placa)

Pretty little side streets

Yummy ice creams & only equiv of 30p a cone

War damage sites in the old town - 68% of the buildings were damaged by 2000 shells