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Croatia, Montenegro & Bosnia-Herzegovina

 The beauty, the pain, the healing . . . .

To suggest we know anything of substance about the intriguing countries of Croatia, Montenegro & Bosnia-Herzegovina in the short time we had there would be a mockery.  But it did give us an opportunity to get an insight into the jigsaw of differing nationalities, cultures & religions of this fascinating area and a basic understanding of the historical and political background to their tragic history.  The scenery is just stunning, the people welcoming and we had so many experiences in such a short time – many quite moving.  The physical and psychological damage from war (to the land and the people) is dreadful but recovery is apparent everywhere. 

This website started out as an easy tool for family & friends to view our holiday snaps, and it might sound a little self-indulgent but we wanted to share our experiences in more detail with other people that showed an interest. Sorting through over 700 photographs and filtering to just over 300 we are attempting to recreate a hectic seven day journey and communicate our observations.

The planning, research and booking - 4 weeks

The Journey - 1 week

The sorting of photographs and building the website   - 2 weeks

The Experience  -  PRICELESS

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